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02/10/2019Hong Kong Licensing ArrangementDownload
26/09/2019Company Secretary Appointment / ResignationDownload
29/08/2019Full year results presentationDownload
29/08/2019Full year results releaseDownload
29/08/2019Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance StatementDownload
29/08/2019Appendix 4EDownload
16/07/2019Victory Offices announces a new location in BrisbaneDownload
01/07/2019Change in substantial holding from IFLDownload
18/06/2019Becoming a substantial holder from IFLDownload
18/06/2019Becoming a substantial holder from PPTDownload
14/06/2019Market UpdateDownload
13/06/2019Becoming a substantial holder - VGHDownload
13/06/2019Admission and Commencement of Official QuotationDownload
13/06/2019Distribution Schedule
13/06/2019Top 20 holdersDownload
13/06/2019Appendix 1A and Information Form and ChecklistDownload
13/06/2019Replacement ProspectusDownload
13/06/2019Supplementary ProspectusDownload
13/06/2019Directors statement under Listing Rule 1.2.6Download
13/06/2019Annual Report 30 June 2017Download
13/06/2019Annual Report 30 June 2018Download
13/06/2019Pro-forma annual accounts for 30 June 2015, 2016 and 2017Download
13/06/2019Interim financial statements 31 December 2018Download
13/06/2019Release on financial statementsDownload
13/06/2019Pre-quotation disclosureDownload
13/06/2019Corporate Governance StatementDownload
13/06/2019Securities Trading PolicyDownload
13/06/2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Dan BaxterDownload
13/06/2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Steve BracksDownload
13/06/2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Alan JonesDownload
13/06/2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Ted ChwastaDownload
13/06/2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Shane TannerDownload

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